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Not My Family

We’re Really Not Your Family and If We Were…


I’ve learned to dread the phrases “we’re like family here” or “I’ve found a home here” at the publishing company I co-own.  One of my partners says that’s a lie that big companies have created to make people work harder – because face it, how many members of your family sign a contract with you?  (Hmm, maybe with your spouse in the prenup to avoid the later divorce costs.)


I want authors and everyone who works here to be happy with working with my publishing company.  I like almost all the people I work with.  But almost inevitably, the people who say we’re family and home find out we’re not family and we’re not their home. We love you to death but we’re a business.  Even more than keeping our authors happy, we want our readers happy. They pay all of us. I would hope that the people who joined us are here to make money and keep their readers happy as well.


That’s not to say we can’t be friends and colleagues and work together and make pots of money.  I want that.  I want people to not worry about how the company is run because that’s my job.  Their job is to be creative and marketable.  It’s all --well – a job.  A fun job, but a job.


Besides, most of the people who tell they’re looking for a family must have some interesting family experiences since inevitably they say those words when they want the company to do something special for them that we don’t do for anyone else.  Not in my home, thanks.




January 2013



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